Before the advent of CGI and crazy huge budget action hero flicks there was a super-hero that had us glued to the TV screen and caught our imagination like no other. A man and his side kick who bravely took on some of the weirdest and most eclectic bunch of criminals the world has ever known and even braver; wore their underpants over their tights.

Ok he couldn’t fly and essentially his special powers derived from a gadget belt you could now probably get in Lidl but we still all loved Batman.

For many the quintessential Batman will always be Adam West who sadly passed away  over the weekend, today we show why his camp,  tongue in cheek, piss-taking caped crusader was the best of all.

The sound effects were spelled out for us in  big crazy writing!

The theme song was just legendary! NaNaNaNaNa….

Batman and Robin took on some of the most outlandish bunch of criminals in TV history .The Joker, The Penguin, Mr Freeze, Egghead, Catwoman and of course this fella The Ridder made for some of the most ridiculous plots ever seen.

The way Batman and Robin always climbed up the same apartment wall practically every week.

And met a lot of famous faces along the way including Frankenstein and Santa!

When Batman fought a shark, in the sky…. and won!

When he took on The Joker in a surfing competition, in Bat shorts.

When Batman went to a bar, danced and had his drink spiked!

The wonderful cliff-hanger endings with pun ridden talk overs! Remember Same Bat time Same Bat channel…

And who wouldn’t want Adam West as Mayor of their town!

Ah they were simpler times; RIP Caped Crusader!