As the home of the world’s longest running chat show here in Ireland we have a particular affinity for the TV interview. Autumn traditionally sees the chat shows return from their summer break and in the coming weeks we’ll see Ray D’arcy, Graham Norton and Brendan O’Conner all returning to our screens with their on-screen offerings for good or bad. Whether it’s a celebrity flogging their wares or an in-depth human interest story we do enjoy our TV talks. What really grabs our attention though is when they go horribly wrong; these are the ones that stick in the mind. It’s not just Irish TV which has  given us TV Golden moments of awfulness as our list of TV’s most awkward interviews below shows.

Parky And Meg Ryan 2003

Michael Parkinson is very many the king of the chat show format but even he wasn’t immune to the odd ‘awks’ interview. One of these occasions was a chat with the less than agreeable Meg Ryan. The actress had just broken up with Russell Crowe and was promoting the flick In The Cut which had been roundly slammed by the critics, so its fair to say Meg wasn’t in the best of form. Parky later admitted that he did handle the interview wrong but kept poking Ryan because she had annoyed him with her rudeness, the result was great TV.

Letterman And A Spaced Out Joaquin Phoenix 2009

In a career that spanned more than 40 years David Letterman certainly encountered a lot on his famous couch but perhaps none more so than when an ‘out of sorts’ Jaquin Phoenix appeared on the show in 2009. From the get go it was clear that Dave was going to have some fun at the actors expense. There was much speculation at the time that Phoenix had genuinely lost the plot but it was later revealed that his dishevelled appearance on the show was all an act for a documentary he was secretly making with Casey Affleck, Letterman and the rest of the world were unawares at the time however and to say that their chat was awkward would be somewhat of an understatement.

Pete Doherty On The Late Late Show

Pat Kenny s 10 year tenure as host of The Late Late Show threw up more than its fair share of watching through our fingers moments at the sheer uncomfortableness of it all. Topping the list of these occasions was Pats 2009 chat with Libertines and Baby Shambles front man Pete Doherty. Throughout the chat it was clear Pat hadn’t a clue about the musicians back catalogue and was more interested in his off stage goings on, much to Doherty’s annoyance.

Dave’s Night With Paris

Given how he dominated US late nights for so long we couldn’t have just one entry from David Letterman. At times it seemed Letterman enjoyed interviews going south and reveled in the comedy which went with it. Letterman was also someone who didn’t suffer fools and when he got a guest in his crosshairs there were no escape. His interview with the freshly released from prison Paris Hilton below is evidence of this. Hilton, who was on the show to discuss the release of her latest perfume wanted to flog her wares and not talk about her time as an inmate, unfortunately for her but fortunately for the rest of us Dave had other ideas.

When Jack Met Ray

Well what you can say about this ill-fated attempt to generate a water cooler moment that hasn’t already been said. To put it into context a man who looked like a famous person appeared on the show to talk about what it’s like to look like someone famous. In D’arcys defense within the first 2 minutes of the interview he pointed out that this wasn’t his idea and apologised profusely  for the segment.  The Ray Darcy show has come in for a fair bit of criticism and watching this horror  show its clear to see why.

Let us know your favourite TV awkward moments below.