The Daily Mail at it  again with headline that pi**es off everyone

When will we learn!

Brexit continues a pace in the UK as Theresa May prepares to officially trigger Article 50 and begin the process of the UK throwing its toys and themselves out of the EU pram this week.

Most media outlets this morning have been focusing on the meeting between Scottish First Minister and leader of The SNP Nicola Sturgeon and British PM Theresa May yesterday where presumably the issues of a second Scottish independence referendum was amongst the heated topics discussed, the Scots along with Northern Ireland voted to remain in the EU in the Brexit vote last year but will by association be out of the tent along with the rest of the UK as a result of the Brexit vote.

Somebody should probably inform The Daily Mail that  these are serious high level discussions by two very powerful politicians  as it seems to have got confused about the real issues at stake here according to its front page this morning.

Here at we’re resisting the urge to fall into the trap so many have fallen into this morning and actually take the headline seriously and in fact we think The Daily Mail team deserve a bit of a clap on the back. Clearly the thought process behind the headline was to create a sexism storm and a quick look on-line today shows that The Daily Mail have certainly achieved this.

The outraged need to learn that the only way to combat this stuff is to ignore it. Like the toddler acting out, when you learn to ignore them they soon change their ways and so it is with The Daily Mail.  You have to learn to laugh at this type of dross seriously it works! The Daily Mail has long since  given up on being a balanced source of news, the fact that  Wikipedia has  taken the decision  recently not to allow them  as a source of information on it site is further evidence of this.

So people please  stop being surprised at these type of headlines seriously its getting annoying at this stage!

That said there are probably those who take this stuff seriously so we thought the informative video below might help the clearly prehistoric out with the thorny issue dealing with women in the work place.