To celebrate (and we use the term celebrate loosely here) the opening of  The Fast and The Furious 8 : The Fate of the Furious,  here at The Dose we thought we might offer up some suggestions as to how this movie chuggernot can continue to print the dollars.  Below are some uniquely Irish title and plot suggestions for consideration for the next hit in the franchise.

The Fast and The furious: The NCT Test

Plot Outline:

Vin Diesel and his motley crew have built up quite a collection of high end cars but what happens when they have to face their biggest test, no not a high speed chase from rival gangs but the much more nerve jangling test, The NCT Test. Will Vin manage to hide all the cool but illegal alterations he has made to his fleet,  NOS tanks, tinted windscreens, lowered wheels??? Can he get past the eagle eye of the tester or will he fail on visuals??


Can Vin pass the test ??

The Fast and The Furious: A Done Deal

Plot Outline:

Vin Diesel is tracking down his ultimate dream car purchase, a 99 grey Toyota Yaris 1 litre Diesel yes DIESEL! As precious as hen’s teeth, follow the crews’ adventures as they visit sellers all over the country to try and uncover the treasure and haggle a good deal.  Will Seamus from Wexford really lower the price to €500 and throw in the hands free kit? does Siobhan in Offaly’s Yaris really only have 70,000 miles on it or has it been clocked?? And what happens when Vin Diesel defies the guidelines outlined in Tom in Tramore’s add and rings after 9pm??

The Fast and The Furious: Leave Me Breathless

Plot Outline:

Vin Diesel is summonsed to his local court to answer a charge of drink driving, but Vin knows there’s something fishy going on as he was never even breathalysed. Is this part of a cover up by the law who he suspects are faking breathalyser checkpoint numbers, does this go all the way to the top of the Gardaí??

ok this may seem far fetched but has all the signs of being a great suspense thriller.

The Fast And  The Furious: GPS

Plot Outline:

Vin is challenged to race from Mizen Head to Malin Head against his biggest rival with €100,000 for the winner. Vin, unfamiliar with the local roads must resort to the in-car GPS, but will Vin be able to understand the systems Irish accent, will he be able to navigate the local council’s many many detours, when he asks for directions will he be able to decipher the locals frankly incomprehensible jipperish like directions and will the lack of major town signs on the route be his undoing?? So many questions can he find the answers??

The Fast and The Furious: Strike Me Down

Plot Out Line:

With Bus Eireann workers on strike Vin and the boys have been tasked with taking over the routes left idle by the striking drivers. It’s up to Vin to prove that the routes can be profitable and save the drivers jobs but competition from local coach services are thwarting his plans. Vin has to out think the locals including his biggest and toughest rival; Kavanaghs of Urlingford whose not afraid to play dirty! Can he save the Clonmel to Dublin route, will Transport Minster Shane Ross agree to sit down talks…. probably not but  only time will tell!

We reckon we could be on to some winners here, we just hope that Vin is up for changing his name to Green Diesel for added Irish affect.

To whet your appetite until these films are inevitable made here’s the official trailer for the latest installment.

Got any suggestions, let us know.