It’s fair to see that we do like conspiracy theories, who really shot JFK?? Did the moon landing really happen?? And just how is Marty Morrissey a sex symbol!!

One such conspiracy from the world of music doing the rounds for quite a while is  that the “bad blood” between former band mates and brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher was been someone staged, that in fact the whole feud has been built up ahead of an announcement of a Oasis reunion and que millions in ticket sales to see one of the great bands reunite once again, well that was the theory!

It seems however we couldn’t be more wrong and the rift between the brothers is very real and  has taken a sinister turn.

The increase in tensions in recent days followed Noel Gallagher posting a screenshot of a text Liam allegedly sent to his nice and Noels daughter Anaïs after Gallagher seniors wife Sara McDonald posted a negative Instagram message about Liam’s Glastonbury Festival performance over the weekend, unfavorably comparing Liam’s act to that of  Stomzy’s.

According to the messages posted by Noel, Liam warned his niece to tell her step- mother “to be very careful”

Noel posted a screen shot of the alleged messages sent to his daughter’s phone and hit back at his younger brother for what he sees as threatening his daughter, yes it’s all got very nasty indeed!

Bizarrely in the exchange Noel also warned Liam not to attempt to kidnap his cat!!

Its safe to say the odds on an Oasis reunion anytime soon have lengthened somewhat following these latest developments, for those Oasis fans who are still holding out  for one here’s the boys from back in the day .


Can’t they just get along!!