There was Thrilla in Manila , The Rumble in the Jungle and then …… the 1991 Leinster Football Semi final !

For our trip down nostalgia road today we take a look back at the now infamous 1991 Croke Park brawl which gave birth to the word ‘shamozell’

In the long, and often unremarkable, GAA histories of Laois and Louth seldom has the pair meeting in a game generated so much press.

In a near 30 man Brawl involving most players, a substitute and a watercarrier both counties showed their true passion for the game and also a stunning disregard for their own safety and the safety of others.

In a largely proud day for both parishes some players did let themselves and their families down by not joining in and to this day they remain pariahs locally”

The question remains was this the greatest GAA brawl of all time ? or do you know of another contender? Let us know