Much like the pagans of centuries ago and their worship of the sun, the Irish have an unusual relationship to Gods torch. When we get a run of good weather we tend to lose the run of ourselves, below is some of the weird things we always do when it’s a scorcher outside.

The Rushed Barbecue

For the posh folk it means uncovering their fancy outdoor built in grill, for the rest of us it’s down to Woodies for the disposable flame griller. It’s a race against time to get the flames roaring before it rains, which usually leads to a trip to casualty for suspected food posing, it’s worth it though sur aren’t we eating ‘OUTSIDE’

The Ice Cream Van

Whether you’re living in the centre of the city or in the complete sticks at some point over a hot weekend you’ll hear the distant chimes of the ice cream van in the distance, that weird, haunting,  jingling music will make you want, nay need a ’99 WITH A FLAKE post haste.

The Inevitable Australia Stories

The many thousands of us who have returned from a spell down under will bore the hole of the rest of us at the aforementioned rushed BBQ about how the weather reminds them of the time they ‘did’ ‘Frasier Island’

Mary:  ‘Ah it was amazing; I mean this would be considered cold over there!

Aine : ‘ I know Mary, we went there together, but we fell out after 2 months of backpacking together…. remember  the Belgium lad you wiped my eye with, REMEMBER !! I haven’t forgotten you know!

Mary:  ‘Some craic though wasn’t it’

Aine: ‘No Mary…it wasn’t’

RTE news will do a ‘Sunny Day’ news report.

Given the level of climate change it’s likely that we’ll be getting more accustomed to warmer weather in the years to come. In the meantime RTE will insist on doing a ‘It’s been a Sunny Day’ news report. Que regional correspondents heading to the beach and asking various people ‘Do you like nice weather?’ Tis riveting stuff altogether.

Good Man Pascal

Farmers Tan Upgrade

Much like Irish ladies inability to apply fake tan correctly Irish men have the same issue when it comes to applying sun block. We just don’t understand this whole factor business and will invariable end up with the quintessential Farmers Tan, or the topping up of last years effort. Ah get those pasty guns out lads.

Extreme Farmers Tan

We rush indoors

It’s a scorcher outside so let’s run indoors to the nearest pub. One of the many paradoxes of the Irish is our love of drinking inside and talking about the great weather outside. Beer gardens are a must and we’ll stay out there to the point of shivering because, you know, the sun was out earlier.

Get the washing on.

Let’s face it, there’s great drying out. Que frantic washing of everything in sight, clothes, towels, curtains even the washing that’s currently in the washing machine gets a another spin. The know the weather isn’t going to last we must take our chance to wash everything even the washing line itself whilst we can!

Unsure of how to correctly hang clothes? this informative video should help.

Everyone tells everyone else when the weather is going to break.

The latest CSO figures may show that less and less of us are religious but the old Catholic guilt is still there and we must ensure we don’t get a head of ourselves and have too much sun induced craic. To bring us back down to earth we like to ensure everyone is aware of just how little of the good weather we can expect.

‘Well enjoy while you can, it’s to break Monday’ said every Irish person ever.

It always breaks on Monday!