So what would you give up to get money off your funeral?? Bet you’ve never been asked that before. Well for the elderly in the Japanese province of Aicihi it turns out the answer is  your driving license.

In an effort to reduce road accidents caused by elderly drivers in the area officials have offered a 15% reduction of their funeral costs for golden oldie drivers who give up their licence. Now for anyone who may have been stuck behind the more seasoned driver travelling at about 25 miles an hour it might seem like a good idea but there is method to what some might consider to be this madness.

Elderly Japanese drivers can get 15% of funerals for giving up their driving licences

According to the stats drivers aged 75 or above were responsible for 13% of fatal road accidents that occurred in Aicihi in 2016, so it’s undoubtedly a problem.  It comes on the back of the case of an 87 year-old man who fatally knocked down a 6 year old boy and mowed down several other school goers, the pensioner later claimed that he “didn’t remember where he had been.”

Other areas of Japan have also tried to tackle the issue but with less shall we say deathly approaches such as offering cheaper taxi rides or reduced entry fees for public baths to those older citizens who agree to hang up the steering wheel.

Any efforts to reduce road deaths is certainly to be welcomed, maybe it could work in Ireland, the only problem we foresee is that suggesting it to your elderly family members may result in your funeral!