You just never know what to believe when it comes to North Korea.  The secretive state has warned the US that they are prepared to strike first if they feel threatened by Presidents Trumps continued insistence that he wants to put a stop to North Koreas worrying missile tests. Just how powerful North Koreas military really is the subject of much speculation. When it comes to being economical with the truth Kim Jong Un and his team of crazed followers have quite a bit of form. Below are just some of the more ridiculous facts they have peddled to the world, and we thougt Trump was full of shite.

Golfing God

Current leader Kim Jung Un’s dad Kim Jong-Il was quite the sports man as it turns out. Now as anyone who has played a bit of golf can attest to, at times a trip around the course can sometimes bring with it a lot of frustration, not so for Kim Jung-il however as in 1994 he took to the greens of North Koreas only golf course for his first and as it turned out last round of golf. How did he fare? well pretty good as it turns out managing to shoot an amazing 38 under par including 5 holes in one. To put that into perspective that’s 28 shots better than the best recorded round of golf in history! Unbelievable stuff altogether…..unless of course you’re North Korean

Kim Jong Il shot a record 38 under in his one and only game of golf!

Bowled Over

Golf wasn’t his only talent, though, North Korean media also stated that the first time Kim Jong-Il bowled, he scored a perfect 300! Not bad (or in any way true) for a first timer.

Toilet Talk

Kim Jong Un apparently never pees or poos, now there’s a headline! Yep according to reports the Kim family are considered other worldly, indeed godly and as such that they not undertake such base human bodily functions as No1’s and 2’s as this would be beneath them! Ironic considering the amount of bullshit they generally talk.

The People’s Choice

If you thought that Kim’s iron rule would make him unpopular with the electorate well you be spectacularly wrong. In the 2014 election Not one person voted against Kim Jong-Un and EVERYBODY voted, yep that’s a 100% voter turnout.  We should mention that it is illegal to vote for anyone other than Kim and his name is the only one on the ballot paper, those irrelevant facts aside however the podgy premier he has the highest approval rating of any world leader across the globe. Impressive stuff.

KIm Jong Un got a 100% of the votes in the 2014 ‘election’


Baby On Board

Kim Jung Un was a child prodigy and learned to drive at just 3 years of age .The claim was made in a pamphlet which must be thought to North Korean primary school children detailing their leaders many talents and achievements . Presumably his first port of call was to his local drive thru! His dad was no slouch  either and was walking at 3 weeks and speaking 5 weeks later at just 8 weeks old.

Baby Kim was driving at 3

If you do feel insecure about your achievements then the Kim family certainly don’t help now do they. However their biggest achievement could still be yet to come.  Donald Trump’s attempts to put an end to their nonsense might well make him seem Presidential; now that is hard to believe!