The Late Late Show has just finished its 55th season and as ever there has been some debate as to the future of the show. This season marked Ryan Tubridys eighth at the helm as host and although the affable presenter has certainly now firmly put his own mark on the programme criticisms of the national institution continues.

The lack of A list celebrities seems to be the biggest complaint but to be fair you can’t force them to come to our shores. This was made more apparent by the fact that this year for only the second time in the shows history the presenter went abroad for an interview with Tubs heading to London to chat with Bruce Springsteen.

Despite the criticism and rather hilarious piss-taking on twitter The Late Late has always had the power to get the nation talking. Here’s a look at some of the show’s most controversial moments.

Annie Murphy and The Bishops Son

Annie Murphy appeared on the show in 1993 to discuss her relationship with  Bishop Eamon Casey who had fathered her child. Murphy claimed a lot of plaudits for the way she dealt with a hostile audience and at times host.

Padraig Flynn And His Less Than Extravagant Lifestyle

Does anyone symbolise  the dodgy politician more than Fianna Fails P. Flynn. The then EU Commissioner appeared on the show in 1998 to discuss his life and times and brown envelopes! and the difficulty of living on €100,000 a year, can’t you just hear the violins!

Sweetie Pie Charlie

Terry Keane appeared on one of Byrnes last shows as host in 1999 to reveal what was considered one of the Ireland’s worst kept secrets. For years the socialite and columnist had written about her love for the married Sweetie with whom she had been engaged in a long term affair with.  On The Late Late she finally revealed that her Sweetie was none other than former Taoiseach Charles Haughey! It makes House of Cards look like the Teletubbies.

Pat Kenny Not Toying Around

We all know that the Toy Show is an institution so we took it as a personal slight when Pat Kenny ripped up the precious tickets to the yearly show live on air; we got more and more used to cringy moments with Pat as host throughout his ten year tenure, which strangely made his time on the show very watchable.

Gerry Ryan As Host

It’s hard to believe that this year marks Gerry Ryan’s seventh anniversary. Gerry was considered to be very much in the shake up to replace Pat Kenny when ‘the plank’ stepped down in 2009. It wasn’t to be but Gerry did get to host once stepping in for Pat Kenny when he was unavailable due to a family bereavement. A mischievous Tommy Tiernan proved a great guest on Gerry’s one and only time as host.

Joe O’Reiley

This must go down as one of the most controversial moments not only in The Late Late Show history but in chat show history the world over. Joe O’Reiley famously appeared on the show to discuss the murder of his wife Rachel alongside Rachel’s mother Rose. As we now know it was Joe O’Reiley who murdered his wife and was given a life sentence less than 3 years after appearing on the show. Unbelievable!

O’Reilly was later found guilty of his wife Rachel’s murder

Katie Hopkins Fat Shaming

You know what you get when you book Katie Hopkins as a guest and she didn’t disappoint when appearing on the show in 2015 to discuss the issue of fat shaming. A clearly very transparent attempt at trying to drum up controversy by the show’s producers, but it worked as RTE received a number of complaints before she even appeared on the show. Like Ronseal she does exactly what it says on the tin!

Late Late Show Plays Cupid

The Valentine’s Day show might well yet become an institution to rival that of the Toy Show. For the past 2 years Tubs has played cupid to a clearly 3 sheets to the wind audience of singletons. Boyed by dutch courage the show this year descended into madness with over 300 complaints registered to the national broadcaster for the smuttiness on show, down with that sort of thing!

The Late Late will be returning in September with no doubt its critics and lovers in toe. In the meantime we can all take Friday nights off from tweeting abuse to the show whist secretly loving it!