The battle for the leadership of Fine Gael is well and truly on and some are styling it as Hipster Leo versus well The Less Hip Simon. Many are saying that hipsters will firmly stand behind their man Veradkar whilst there is a suggestion that the boggers amongst us will plump for Coveney the Cork man.

But at heart are you a more Hipster or a Bogger?? Our handy guide below should help clear up your identity crisis.

Vinyl V Tape

Do you find yourself pursuing through vintage record shops on the weekend and unearthing a rolling stones B-side form 1972 to play on your even more retro record player??  If so you’re a definite hipster.

Our bogger friends are far more to the point; a Wolftones cassette tape will never be too far from their grasp.

Coffee V Tae

A fully fledged hipster won’t dream of heading into the office without a large America flat to give them an early morn gee up, yes a cup of joe often in a Eco-friendly travel mug  is a morning prerequisite.

Hipsters and coffee go hand in hand

For a day of bailing hay or footing turf  the bogger knows the importance of a flask of tae to warm the cockles , bog tae for some reason always tastes better!

Craft beer V Pints

When you’re a t the bar do you inquire what craft beers available from the barkeep if so welcome to hipsterville, the boggers pint is put on as soon as walks in the door with a simple nod of the head, in the boggers world blackcurrant in a point of Guiness  is considered a cocktail!


Both the Hipster and Bogger like their sport. Leinster Rugby was for the many years the choice of the hipster where Munster was the bogger’s tribe. The advent of UFC and the emergence of hipster God Conor McGregor has seen rugby usurped as the hipsters sporting passion. Our hipster friends are always keen to point out their knowledge of the sport and the latest South American fighter they have heard about on one of their many subscribed to American sporting podcasts.

To get a bit of violence in their sport its Junior hurling where you will find the bogger, a parish v next door parish clash and the potential for shemozzles is always a sell-out!

Skinny Jeans V Builders Bum

The hipsters love nothing more than to slither into their favourite pair of skinny jeans heading out for the night, stylish no doubt but they can be a little tight around the neither regions but that’s the price for fashion.

Wearing either Skinny Jeans or Builders Bum is a tell tale hipster or bogger sign

Boggers will aim for comfort over style with boot cut jeans a favourite which gives you plenty of space where it matters and aren’t afraid to show off their craic for the craic.

Podcast V Local Radio

For the hipsters the more obscure the podcast the better, a 6 part series on origami is music to their ears. The bogger is a religious follower of their local radio, in particular Country Roads the nightly country and Irish music show and naturally silence ascends across the house when the obituaries are announced.

Part time DJ V Karaoke

Many hipsters claim to be part time DJ’s, they have all the equipment and seem to always play on a Tuesday night in some new underground club. For the bogger if theirs karaoke around expect a Hit The Diff rendition coming your way.

Festival Ready

Hipsters will be heading straight for Electric Picnic and Body and Soul for a bit of soul searching mixed with glamping, for many hipsters it’s the only time they leave the confines of the pale!

Body and Soul V Trip to Tipp

The boggers isn’t traditionally a big festival goer as they often fall during silage cutting season but they do look back with fondness on the glory years of the Trip To Tipp, where sleeping in the back of a Hiace outside Semple Stadium was considered glam.

We do hope this helps clear up matters but just remember whether you’re a Hipsters or a Bogger we love you both!