The campaigner and one of the most recognisable names in pop culture has been confirmed as a guest speaker at The Talent Summit in Dublin this September.

Lewinsky will be forever linked to the Clinton presidency over the affair she had with  then President  Bill Clinton.

Indeed the  former Presidents famous and untruthful denial,

“I did not have sexual relations with that woman “

are one of the most famous presidential utterances of recent times.

At just 24 , Lewinsky’s life was turned upside down  when  an impeachment case was brought against President Clinton. As part of the Republican led  investigation intimate details of Lewinsky’s s sexual relationship with the occupant of the oval office were revealed to the baying masses casing a media frenzy like never before.

Although Clinton ultimately survived the impeachment his presidency was badly damaged. For the young Lewinsky the aftermath of the scandal were far more devastating

Unable to find much in the way of employment due to her infamy Lewinsky became somewhat of a recluse and little more than a smutty punch line for well over a decade following the affair

The despicable  treatment the then 24 year received  at the hands of both the media and  investigators at the time is excellently outlined in series 2 of the  hugely successful and rather brilliant Slow Burn podcast and well worth a listen for those interested in learning more about one of the most turbulent times (pre-Trump  )in US politics.

It wasn’t until her 2015 Ted Talk on social media bullying that Lewinsky reemerged into the public consciences and with some style!

The aforementioned powerful Ted Talk was watched by millions and received widespread acclaim for Lewinsky’s  honesty and openness and she has been heralded as a hero in some quarters for her campaign to help others who have been victims of bullying both on and off social media.

Now one of the foremost campaigners for on-line  safety, Lewinsky will no doubt bring plenty of interest to the September summit and if her talk there is half as inspiring, entertaining and engaging as her Ted Talk, those in the audience will certainly be getting value for money!

More information on Monica Lewinsky’s appearance at the The Talent Summit can be found here