So it seems at this stage that every single Democrat is either possibly considering or has already declared their intentions to seek to wrestle the keys of the White House out of the tiny hands (allegedly) of Donald Trump in 2020. But there is one man that the world needs to throw his hat into the ring,  and that man is Joe Biden. Here’s why.

Role In The Obama Presidency

As we go through the continual  shit storm of the Trump presidency , whether that’s  for another two or four years it would just be nice to remind ourselves that prior to Trump the leaders of the free world were actually a couple of guys  who understood  the enormity of the office and acted accordingly.

Nobody is perfect but anything that can remind of us of the Obama years will just make the world feel better. Biden and Obama had one of the closest POTUS VPOTUS relationships in modern presidential  history and the then President was at constant pains to point out  that Biden wasn’t just a Yes man and had a lot of influence on decision making, having an adult back in the room would be good.

Obama And Biden Had A Close Relationship


Biden is a career politician having served in the Senate for almost 40 years representing Delaware. He was first elected to the U.S. Senate in 1972, when he became the sixth-youngest senator in American history. Biden was re-elected to the upper house of Congress six times and was the fourth most senior senator when he resigned to assume the vice presidency in 2009. Now he may have made the odd clanger here and there but Biden certainly has the political chops.

Unlike the current Oval Office incumbent, Biden knows how government works, which, as we’ve found out in the last few years is a distinct advantage when running the free world.

Biden Has Over 40 Years Government Experience

His ‘Dad’ Cool

You just know that Biden tells awful Dad jokes but for some reason he gets away with it. He somehow manages to be uncool and cool at the same time, just look at those shades, you just gotta love him!

Biden Is “Dad ” Cool

The Affection

We constantly hear how divided the US under Trump has become. The New York mouth piece has driven a wedge between red and blue unlike any other commander in chief in history so there is a whole lot of “healing” to be done. Whoever the next top dog is it has to be someone that even some Trump supporters could somehow support and there is a genuine affection for Biden across the party divide. Evidence of this was the former Vice Presidents appearance as one of the speakers at the funeral service of stanch republican Sen John McCain.

His heart felt eulogy was the type of unifying talk that is needed in the states, now more than ever. At the service Biden spoke about the mutual respect and affection both he and McCain had for each other despite coming from two very different political backgrounds. This ability to foster cross party relationship is critical to undoing some of the damage done since 2016.

The Irish Connection

Biden is very proud of his Irish background and unlike Barack Obamas whose links to the old country was tenuous at best Biden’s Irish heritage is far more solid. Biden’s mother, Jean Finnegan, was born in the US to Ambrose Finnegan and Geraldine Blewitt.

According to the research, Ambrose’s father, James Finnegan, arrived in New York on the SS Marchioness of Bute in 1850. The family originally  came from the Cooley Peninsula in Louth. There is also strong lineage on the Blewitt side who have roots in Mayo.

Biden visited Ireland in 2016 in what was an emotional trip for the then VP who had been due to visit with is son Beau who sadly died from cancer prior to the trip.

Given that our relationship with our nearest neighbors is somewhat strained over Brexit it would be nice to have a friend of the Irish back in the oval office.

Biden Visited Ireland In 2016

Off course a lot has to happen for the far from average Joe to win the presidency, not least first winning the Democratic Party nomination but with most experts predicting an official announcement of the intention to run coming from the Biden camp sooner rather than later the Pennsylvanian will be a serious contender when it comes to choosing the next commander in chief in 2020.