The five day working week has become as synonymous with office life as the idiot who brings fish in for his lunch and stinks out the entire canteen! But the Monday to Friday drudge could all be coming to an end.

Perpetual Guardian  a New Zealand based financial planning company  introduced a four day work week on a test basis to see if there were any benefits to rethinking the traditional work week and they discovered some very interesting results.

After testing out the four-day work week, the company found that employees reported a 7% stress reduction, a 24% increase in work-life balance, and a 20% increase in team engagement.

Commenting on the results Dr. Helen Delaney of the University of Auckland Business School, who analysed the data from the experiment said;

“An enduring theme across all groups is that the individuals had more time to accomplish tasks in their personal lives that are often ‘crammed in’, ‘put off’ or ‘rushed between’ in the busyness of a 5-day work schedule”.

In lay man’s terms workers responded well to having more time to complete tasks in their personal lives which resulted in better work performance.

Given the positive reaction to the trial, the company which employs 240 people, has decided to officially implement a 4 day work week for staff! How bad!So could this mean the start of a three day weekend here in Ireland??

The hard pressed workers of Ireland can only hope!