You know the feeling, you’re out shopping, at a match , at the cinema and you realise you have to go, you walk into the bathroom  and you’re faced with a serious life decision, which cubicle is the safest to pick, well wonder no more!

A new book The First Really Important Survey of American Habits has researched the subject of toilet cubicle choosing and the results make for some interesting reading.

Faced with three empty stalls, 40% of men will choose the centre cubicle, 32% choose the right and 28% go left the cubicle nearest the door.

Research shows the the cubicle nearest the door is the cleanest

Women differ slightly and according to the research 37% choose the right hand cubicle, 29% go for the middle and 34% the left. So by simple arithmetic we now know for both men and women the cleanest stall to use is the one nearest the door as it’s the one used less frequently.

Although we all know what the toilets primary use is for it turns out we do more than our business when we’re spending a penny.

According to researchers, 75% of us use our phones in the bathroom. Sixty-five% have answered calls in there, 41% have made outgoing calls and 10% have bought something online.

We do a lot of business when we’re doing our business

Although it’s worth remembering as a result our phones are riddles with bacteria so remember to wipe down your phone as well as your derriere before you leave.

The research clearly hasn’t taken into consideration the toilets at Electric Picnic where going to any cubicle is guaranteed to give you severe trauma but it’s good to know all the same.