There are many reasons to vote green given that almost everyone except  Donald Trump supporters seem to agree that if we continue to balls up the planet much more we’re going to be up shit creek without a paddle. On top of its environmental policies The UK Green party have given UK voters even more reason to go green by promising voters the introduction of a 4 day week!

Who would actually vote against this, think about your weekend beginning on a Thursday! YEEAHHH

You can go for sneaky Thursday night drinks without having to struggle through a Friday, One more day off before the Sunday Night fear, what’s not to love!

Joint leader of The Party Catriona Lucas said she hopes to have the pledge put into the party’s 2020 Manifesto saying

“People are working ever more hours, getting ever more stressed, getting ever more ill health, mental health problems as well.’’

Although it should not that Ms Lucas is the party’s only MP so it would take  a fairly seismic shift in vote preferences for the party to get into government but then again who’d have thought  a three times married  Reality TV star  who openly admitted to sexually assaulting women would be President of America !

So listen up Irish opposition parties this is a sure fire election winner so get on it!