All Around to Mrs Browns has certainly added something to our all too scant options for TV entertainment on our home grown channels on a Saturday night. The constant criticism about our chat shows is that we just don’t have enough ‘celebrities’ to fill both  The Late Late  Show and  The Ray Darcy Show, hard to argue when you look back at the line-ups for both over the last few weeks.  In fact one of the most entertaining aspects of watching and in some cases enduring these shows is getting involved in the endless piss taking on twitter during the show.

So maybe the TV heads at Montrose might take a leaf out of Dutch TV stations NPO 3 book and forget about the tired chat format on at least one of the nights  and take a more risqué approach as their new Saturday night show on the Dutch national ‘Bring Your Bathing Suite’ has decided to opt for.

The show which kicked off on Saturday Night has gone viral for one its segments, wait for it ‘Is she Fat or Pregnant’. Yep it’s a segment where contestants have to guess if a woman is fat or pregnant!

Let’s be honest it’s a game we’ve often played in the confines of our own minds on the morning commute. Is not as easy as it sounds you know as any person who has offered their seat up on a train or bus to what they presume is a pregnant lady only to get that knowing look of disgust that they have misjudged someone who is eating for two rather than has been eating too much can attest to!

Here’s how the segment works

Surely there’s a place for the segment on Winning Streak!