As kids return to school there is no doubting that one of the issues that will always worry parents as they see their little and not so little ones off is whether their child could be a target of bullying, and in the age of social media its becoming all to prevalent .Thankfully schools have come on leaps and bounds when it comes to addressing the issue but for anyone who may have experienced bullying this story will no doubt give you reason to smirk.

A man in Boston decided that the best way he could get back at his old school yard nemesis was to have ‘special relations’ with his former tormentor’s mother! and that’s exactly what he did and best of all the whole story was revealed live on radio!

The tale started out innocently enough when  the bully’s mum contacted her local station in Boston looking for help in tracking down a  ‘cute’  younger guy she had went out on a date with  and had a magical evening and indeed night with. What she wasn’t aware of was that her dream date, Rob,  had deliberately targeted the lady in question because of how her son used to treat him.

Check out the radio reveal here, warning if you are a bully this may make you feel uncomfortable and hopefully make you realise that being a bully is extremely shitty and karma will eventual catch up with you so STOP BEING A BULLY NOW !!

We do feel a little sorrow for the bully’s mother in all this as she is a bit of collateral damage, but having fun times with your old school yard  bully’s mother and then bragging about it on live radio WHILE HIS MOTHER IS ON THE OTHER LINE, well its  certainly one way of exacting revenge!