Right wing Fox News host Bill O’Reilly is certainly making the headlines for all the wrong reasons of late having been sacked by Fox News over several sexual harassment scandals. If you haven’t being following the story it was recently revealed that O’Reilly and Fox have paid millions to several women who have accused the controversial host of sexual harassment which resulted in his sacking from the station.

The video below shows just how much of an ego maniac O ‘Reilly really is as he goes completely ape shit at the recording of one of his shows, the problem; how to  introduce Sting!

We can’t image Miriam behaving like this on Prime Time!

O’Reilly, who was an able loudmouth for the Trump campaign during the election, had come under increasing pressure to hang on to his job with advertisers pulling their support for his top rated show The O’Reilly Factor. After much ‘will they, won’t they sack him’ Fox has eventually taken the decision to cut their ties with one of their top rated stars.

One thing we do miss about O’Reilly is how David Letterman used to handle O’Reilly when he appeared on his show and in one famous case called him a ‘goon’, check it out below.

Oh how we miss you Letterman !