What can you say about Eamon Dunphy that hasn’t already being said, footballer, journalist football pundit and man who always cries when his on The Late Late Show. Dunphy certainly has had a storied career and now thanks to this unearthed footage we can add catwalk model to his CV, well sort of.

Below is exclusive footage of Eamo strutting his stuff for a charity fashion show which featured on Network 2’s Head To Toe in 1989. To be fair Eamo gives it loads and is quite happy to be sporting ‘a man’s jacket from Penneys’

Now there’s a sight you don’t see every day(thankfully)

Dunphy has been a feature of the Irish media landscape for nearly 40 years and is still going strong, now firmly ensconced as RTE’s ‘senior‘ analyst after Johnny Giles was controversially put out to pasture by the national broadcaster.

We do love a bit of Dunphy in his prime; remember when he went bat shite crazy defending Roy Keane on the day Keano left Man Utd;

Dunphy would of course go on to ghost-write Roy’s first book before inevitably falling out with the Cork legend.

Oh Eamo never change baby!